You’ve come a long way, baby.

Yesterday was a very, very big momentous day for me, and one that I was told I would never see – my last day of chemotherapy. To explain why it was such a big thing, I must tell… Read More

Saturation point

First of all, a bit on the “Look Good, Feel Better” workshop that I attended at the hospital where I have my chemotherapy last week.  The program is available for all women going through chemotherapy, and I highly… Read More

Beautiful in our eyes.

In the last few weeks of my nearly 42 week pregnancy with my last daughter, all I wanted to be was not pregnant.  Four pregnancies in as many years had worn me down, I had restless legs, and… Read More

But you look so WELL!

This was me, on my 40th birthday, 3 and a half years ago.  I didn’t have cancer. I was the fattest I’d ever been, nudging 130kg, and a size 26.  And I was miserable.  We went to QLD… Read More

Before normal walked away

A couple of years ago I wrote this guest piece for popular blogger Retro Mummy. I told the story of the birth of my fourth daughter Georgie, who was found to have Down syndrome at birth.  In… Read More