Choose your own adventure

Is everyone familiar with the “Choose your own adventure” books?  They were a massive favourite of mine in the teen years.  Basically, the stories were written in “second person” and allowed the reader, after being introduced to the… Read More

Happily Ever After

Growing up, I always dreamed of the family I would have one day, and it was one very different to the one I grew up in.  My mum and dad did their best, but they were respectively 43… Read More

By my side

I took this photo back in March, the day I had emergency surgery for my first bowel obstruction.  I had been in hospital overnight, after presenting with agonising pain, and the cause of the problem had been identified,… Read More

This is not how the story ends

Growing up, I was not a very happy person.   All seemed well in my life until early primary school, when years of sexual abuse meant that the happy 6 year old gave way to a sullen child, who… Read More

The calm before the storm

I haven’t got a date for my operation yet, but I do know it is in the second week of December, so that’s close enough.  We’re looking at about 4 weeks, and it feels pretty surreal, I can… Read More