One more normal day

Like Groundhog Day, every morning is the same for me now.  I stretch out of sleep, reach for whatever baby has crawled into bed next to me over the course of the morning, and pull them into a… Read More

Que sera sera

Yesterday, I put pen to paper and signed off on a 50/50 gamble with my life. I went into the appointment with the surgeon all guns blazing, ready to battle with him about taking this gamble with me. … Read More

40, not out

Nine months. Forty weeks. The last four times I have heard those words, they have been pregnant – literally – with promise. It took a long time for me to surrender myself to love.  Life has always shown… Read More

No guts, no glory.

In the end, the hardest decision of my life was not so hard after all. On Friday, I am going to walk into my surgeons office, and ask him to perform an operation that leaves me with a… Read More

The impossible choice

I am the same person as I was this morning, but somehow, I’m different. I have terminal cancer. Since being introduced to the possibility of hope of  a curative liver resection nearly 12 months ago, I’ve been able… Read More

Will the real reality please stand up

Last Friday I had one of the strangest days in my cancer career. Being a palliative care patient, and the patient of a very determined surgeon who wants to give one one last chance at surviving, at the… Read More