One from the time capsule

I was just typing in the web address for my blog, as I had an idea for a post, and I wanted to start a draft.  There in the drop down menu was the option of going to… Read More

Farewell, future focus

As I type this, it’s the Saturday before the Friday I thought that I would be having my liver operation, and I have heard….nothing.  It’s in the hands of my liver surgeon, and I have full faith that… Read More

Just keep swimming

What do you say when your heart is so full?  When a group of people give you a chance to live in a bubble, and a fair dinkum five star bubble at that, for four blissful days? Everyone… Read More

For dear life

I am writing this from the five star luxury of the Crown Metropol Hotel.  I only had to mention that I wanted to go there, and it was done, a whole lot of beautiful friends, and beautiful strangers… Read More