Walking the line

It’s been a funny sort of a week.  One that I started last Monday thinking I was finally getting to grips with this living fully while not thinking about the fact I am dying caper, but ended with… Read More

The hope that never was

Ever since hope arrived in the form of a possible liver resection 14 months ago, I have always been absolutely sure that I would be one of the people that would be saved by it.  My chances were… Read More

Keep calm and have chemo

Just thought I would write a quick blog for those who might have been worried about me today in the knowledge that I was returning to chemo with much trepidation. I’ve been, it’s done, and it was……ok.  On… Read More

For as long as I live…

When I was first diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in December 2013, my oncologist said the words that sent a shiver down my spine. “Once you start chemotherapy, you will be on it for the rest of your… Read More

Fifteen minutes

It’s been a “long” time between blogs, and I know that a lot of you will be wondering how I am going.  To be honest, I have started a draft a few times, but I just feel so… Read More

How to Produce a Reason Dissertation or Cause-Effect Document

by: Todd Schuyler –> –> Welcome with Distinctive Guide Guru Website Article to my Article Writing Submissions Marketing. To all writers and low -authors out-there, now is enough time to start digging those creative-writing skills up back. With… Read More