The price of fame

Bear with me folks, today is going to be a bit of a mixed bag! First of all, the title of this blog is very tongue in cheek, but I have indeed had my “15 minutes” in the… Read More

Recommendations on How Exactly To Remain Sorted On the Job

You are told by 10 points the college admissions 1. Not all marks are created not differ For your greater than two-million high-school seniors who plan next year, to go-to university, the tummy- of completing programs, rolling grind… Read More

How to save your own life.

December 11, 2013 was a golden day.  I remember it well, how sunny it was, the light that shone through the window and lit up my children’s hair as I looked at them in the rearview mirror.  I… Read More

Come, tell me how it is….

I had an interesting conversation with a friend yesterday.  She apologised to me for “having a sook” to me about some very valid and heartbreaking issues in her own life.  She went on to say that I was… Read More

The Glorification of Busy

I’ve been thinking a bit lately about the guts of 2013….my last bog standard year before getting diagnosed with cancer in the December. It went a bit like this.  I’d studied a certificate 3 in Community Services Work… Read More

Worth living

I must say the farm has been pretty calm around here for the last week or so.  No more pain, and starting to settle into a pattern of what I have craved so desperately since that desperate day… Read More