The magic in the moments

First of all, I have to share my booky excitement.  If you already know it, or you’ve had an absolute gutful of it, please feel free to scroll until you get past the photos Yesterday was the book… Read More

Not all who wander….

About 10 years ago, when we had one baby and one on the way, Gaz and I bought ourselves a Jayco caravan.  We always planned to travel around Australia one day, when we could, and we made sure… Read More

The art of living

I can scarcely wipe the smile off my face at the moment.  My cheeks hurt from stretching so often into a position that 18 months ago I thought they would never find again.  I feel tired, but otherwise… Read More

The most important post I will ever write.

Here is a sobering thought.  Someone who is reading this post (and please share, as I want a LOT of people to read this post), by the law of averages, has bowel cancer, and doesn’t know it. This… Read More

One wild and precious life.

Yesterday, as a nominee for Kidspots “Voices of 2015″, I attended an amazing day at Leonda on the Yarra in Melbourne.  It started with an amazing breakfast (I wish someone would fetch it to me now, surely I… Read More

Meet Jan Brady

My beautiful little Indi has always struggled a bit with being one of the two middle children.  Not the oldest, not the baby, I think she thinks she is somehow not as special. But oh my, how special… Read More