BREAKFAST, SCHOOL RUN, CHEMO:   Tuesday was, without a doubt, the most incredible day of my life.  Disclaimers about the days my children were born, obviously, but gosh, this was like a little birth. I went into the… Read More

On faking it, until you make it

I had an interesting conversation with a good friend yesterday.  I hadn’t seen her for a  while and I was catching her up on all the incredible things that are happening in my life at the moment.  I… Read More

One day when I didn’t know

I’ve been dreaming a little dream lately. It’s a normal Sunday morning, and I stretch out of sleep, content in the  knowledge that we don’t have to be anywhere that day.  I smile, as my husband pulls me… Read More

The S Word

Last weeks foray back to hospital has left me a little emotionally scattered, and I am desperately trying to find my centre again, instead of a rickety little boat, trying to find a port in a storm. Since… Read More

Putting the quality back into my quantity

It’s been a difficult few days to say the least. First I spent most of the weekend and all of Monday plagued by what I thought was gastro.  My chemo tablets can cause similar symptoms, but I had… Read More