Putting the D in Diva

It’s actually real.  I am a published author and people are buying my book and reading it and liking it.  LOTS of people.  It has been so special seeing all the photos coming through my feed, with people with their book, their copy of MY BOOK that I WROTE…oh my goodness, it is SURREAL.

A big hi and welcome to those who found me through 60 minutes, great to have you here.  I have been so moved by all the messages of love and hope and encouragement that I have received since then.  Between my blog, my Facebook, my Five Fairies facebook page, and the 60 minutres page, these messages literally are over a 1,000, and as much as I would love to answer them all, of course, I can’t.  Just know that I have read every one, and have been very moved by some of the stories shared with me, and I do appreciate and honour them – THANK YOU.

My book was officially launched on Tuesday night and I had the biggest, funnest, rock starest night EVER.  I got conveyed from my home in the outer burbs to a hotel in the big city where I was joined by my lovely publicist Kelly and a hair and make up artists.  Totally enjoyed all of her tales of making up models for fashion week while she was polyfilling my face (not really, not too wrinkly yet 😛 ), and then she did my hair.  Started out like this:


Ended up like this:


Publicist Kelly on the left, Editor Kirstie on the right of photo :)

I walked in and everyone clapped.  I hated it…look:


That photo makes me laugh.  I LOVED IT SICK!!!

What an incredible honour to have Catherine Deveney, someone I have admired for years, someone who has been a catalyst for a lot of really positive change for me, actually launch my book, and talk about me, and what a bloody brilliant speech it was too.  I’ve got a bone to pick with her for naming my next book “Talk to me about spray tans” (my previous facebook status, lol), but it was just MAGIC.  Here we are, like, hanging out…just hanging out at Julia’s book launch, as ya do…


Here is me doing a bit of talking about myself:


My daughters look underwhelmed, to say the least 😛  Here are some signing shots, which are mostly pictures of my breasts and subtle forearm tatt:

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Some random, gorgeous, arty shots:

11896372_1007340249299978_7411879994141978620_o 11923313_1007340245966645_1776069495405137288_o 11896508_1007340039299999_512232950692276363_o 11947867_1007340042633332_7228550145816440239_o 11907219_1007339872633349_1786125930726365056_o

It was the best night ever, I will never forget it.  To share it with my friends, family, blog readers, fellow bowel cancer sufferer’s, Catherine and of course, all the beautiful people from Black Inc publishing who took on my book and made it happen was just so, so special.

Catherine told me the other day that she didn’t think she had actually done much to make the book happen.   That is not true, even in a practical sense, as even the wonderful Gunna’s Writing Masterclass experiences aside, she believed in the book, and put together a team of people to get it published, which lead to a publishing company taking it on.  But that is not the most important thing that Catherine did.  When you find someone with qualities you admire, and you find yourself wanting to be a little more like them, and you aspire to it, and you succeed, even a little bit, that then becomes part of you, and that then comes out in the person, and in the writing.  So, in that way, she has been a much bigger part of this book than she might have realised.  Thank you Catherine.

Time to be grounded in reality for a couple of days, rest, relaxation, hanging with the kids.  Hope to see some of you for my book launches next week in Sydney and Brisbane :)

5 Comments on “Putting the D in Diva

  1. wow you must have been so super excited… Very very well deserved if your book is as good as your blogs it will be amazing. Now. It’s important to rest.

    Lots luv
    Lou from England.

  2. The fact that this is happening to you gives me hope and joy that there is still a lot of justice and goodness in the world. Enjoy every moment of it!

  3. Ah Julia, was lovely to see you “in the flesh” as it were at the book launch. You and your family are all so beautiful. I loved that Dakota got to sign my book too, she has to write a book now and we can come to that launch!! You bloody deserve to soak up the goodies right now, so enjoy and look after xx

  4. Oh Julia….THANK YOU! From the deepest depths of my being, thank you for sharing your story with us on 60 minutes. You are such a shining light. The joy is your eyes is so clearly visible when you speak about life and your precious family, despite the darkest challenges you face, and your honesty about being true to yourself and liking who you are brought tears to my eyes. Like you, I am a writer. I am working on my first novel but I keep procrastinating (as we writer’s so often do). When you said that you did what you wanted to do because it didn’t matter any more what other people think it was a massive wake up call to me. I keep putting off my writing because life is busy, other things get in the way but deep down it’s because I’m scared that I can’t actually write it and no one will like it. But through your words I realised that I shouldn’t wait for some dire event to give me the kick in the pants to write. It really doesn’t matter if anyone likes it or not. I should do it for me. I should be feeling so grateful that I have the health and strength to do so, and not waste that blessing. Wishing you many fun times with your family and know that love and admiration is flowing your way. Much love, Shell.x

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