Timelines and Air Miles

When I found out I had terminal cancer, I never wanted to know how long I had. I never wanted to work to a timeline, but I knew that if I had one, part of me always would…. Read More

A chance to dream

I walked towards my oncologists office as he called me in on Wednesday, still in a fog, still outside my body, my mind in the grip of that defence mechanism that says think the worst, think the worst,… Read More

In your head

Like a lot of people, I grew up with a mum with mental illness. It was called manic depression back then, and it saw her committed to mental health units at times, a constant round of visits to… Read More

Finding the ya’s in my blah’s.

I forgot again this morning. I stirred awake to the sound of the children turning the cartoons on in the loungeroom on a regular Saturday morning, a comforting sound that wakes parents to the promise of a new… Read More

When even your tireds get weary

I so thought that I would be a five year survivor. I so thought that I would beat the odds. I so thought that I would see oncology appointments again where the oncologist would say “Everything is shrinking… Read More

Nothing to fear but fear itself.

It’s probably not a good idea to write a blog post from the place I am at the moment, but hey, I’ve always been about the truth, the rough and the smooth, so here you have it. First… Read More