A little dream I dreamed

Growing up, I always envisaged the house I would bring my children up in. It would have a real “heart of the home” kitchen, where I could cook, and create with my children, gather them all around me,… Read More

Two years, not counting

The 11th of December 2015 has always been a date that loomed large in my life for the last two years. It wasn’t a milestone birthday, someones wedding, exciting plans to commence travel, or study. It was the… Read More

Extreme makeover: Life edition

It’s amazing how much someones life can change in just the space of a few days. When I last left you I was going in Wednesday for testing to see if I was suitable for SIRT treatment (Selected… Read More

Better, realer days

So, you know all that bullshit I spouted a few weeks ago about being a full time writer, and running all about town doing ALL the things besides? All that malarky about how I was going to turn… Read More

Hope springs eternal

When I left the oncologists office two weeks ago, he had told me that he was going to speak to the liver surgeon about the possibility of me having radiation beads placed next to the tumours in my… Read More