Judging me, judging you

I’d love to say that I have never judged another parent on their parenting, but that would be a lie. I could honestly say that I have also judged another person on their “personing” When we judge another… Read More

Better red than dead!

Well, we should get the shit out of the way first and make way for all the good stuff! Went into chemo on Monday for treatment….got a look at liver function tests first, good, good, good. Ones that… Read More

The year of living

What to say about that last blog? Was it real? Yes indeedy, the realest. Am I so fatigued from fronting up at that fucking hospital that I feel like vomiting every time I smell that antiseptic smell? Oh… Read More

Hair trigger.

The return to the chemo chair on Tuesday started out well enough. I paid a visit to radiology first, where they accessed my port, ran some dye through it, blood clot gone, everything running nicely. I had a… Read More


We’ve just returned from our two week holiday at Mitta Mitta. It was, in many ways, an idyllic time, to be together as a family, to reflect, to talk, to take in the fact that we were commencing… Read More