45, still alive.

I’ve just spent a few more days as a guest of the local hospital. Boring boring, I won’t go on about it, I thought it was another blood clot, but it turned out to be more inflammation bought… Read More

One year, two years, red years, blue years

Just a bit of rhyming slang with good old Dr Suess there in the title! Yesterday Team Jules gained another specialist doctor to add to a very impressive list. I am a candidate for the lung radiation, and… Read More

The Point of Me

My teenage tormentor had me pinned up against the red brick wall near the quadrangle. So close to me, I felt his spit hit my face, as he demanded to know what the point of me was. I… Read More

The land of do as you please

I once wrote about the land of Topsy Turvy, a land you could visit at the top of the Faraway Tree, or in the Wishing Chair…beloved books from my childhood. I likened living with cancer to having to… Read More

The first best year

Hello my darlings. For those who only read my blog and don’t have me on Facebook, I hope you don’t mind, I am just going to copy and paste here my Facebook status from yesterday, which explains the… Read More

Don’t.stop.me.now (coz I’m havin’ a good time!)

Youse just all love my guts for that earworm, don’t you? My pleasure 😛 In a few hours I will know if there will be any more “active” treatment offered to me, or I will just bide my… Read More