Just Julia

It’s TOMORROW. OMG, I am going overseas, through those international gates, bound for sunnier climes….TOMORROW! This is the trip I am going on, one that many of you helped to make possible: http://www.hellome.com.au/holiday-packages/mrs-woog-phuket-escape-2016 Looks, pretty hard to take,… Read More

The breakdown I had to have

In the very early days of my diagnosis with cancer, there was a competition run by a lovely woman who ran healing cancer retreats for patients, and she ran a competition on Facebook where people could nominate someone… Read More

My message

I am going to keep this short, sweet, and succinct. After last weeks devastating news, I had a visit to my oncologist (who I really love), I think it’s the first time I have visited him WEEKLY, and… Read More


I almost danced into the chemo ward on Tuesday. I had had my cancer markers taken the day before, just to confirm that sirt was still working, and I could walk out of there that day with the… Read More

Wishing and hoping

This week and next are big weeks. Tuesday I go in for what I hope will be my last chemo for a while. The following week, I have a scan to see if this can be so. There… Read More