What dreams may come

On 11 December, 2013, the only Julia that I had ever known walked out the door forever. It’s only natural of course, with a diagnosis of terminal cancer, your innocence is ripped from you with such brutality, you… Read More

It’s (not) all palliative

The very first post (entitled “no one here gets out alive”) was on the subject of me joining the palliative care program. It was more than two years ago and I was at chemo, talking to them about… Read More

But it has to be quality

So, where was I? The day after the tantrum to end all tantrums, I asked the palliative care team to make me their first point of call. The duly turned up in less than an hour, with the… Read More

Different corners

On the afternoon after I had had my morning talk with palliative care, about giving up any active treatment, I had a visit from the liver team. They told me they had just had a big discussion with… Read More