My message

I am going to keep this short, sweet, and succinct. After last weeks devastating news, I had a visit to my oncologist (who I really love), I think it’s the first time I have visited him WEEKLY, and… Read More


I almost danced into the chemo ward on Tuesday. I had had my cancer markers taken the day before, just to confirm that sirt was still working, and I could walk out of there that day with the… Read More

Wishing and hoping

This week and next are big weeks. Tuesday I go in for what I hope will be my last chemo for a while. The following week, I have a scan to see if this can be so. There… Read More

The Cane Toad and the Shitstorm

Gazbo and I have similar “personalities” when it comes to holidays that require air travel with four children. We book them, with hope in our heart, and while we always feel glad we went, we generally bicker non-stop,… Read More

This is 45…celebration and joy

Well, it’s not 45 quite yet, and I probably should hang on to 44 as long as I can, eh? But ah, what’s a few days between friends? As you all know, this was the birthday I was… Read More

Terminally tired

I have never known tiredness like this. It’s a confusing trip when the very thing that is responsible for giving you a much extended life is sucking the life out of you. I speak, of course, of chemotherapy…. Read More